Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 8 jogging stereotypes who roam my neighborhood

Two weeks ago, I started jogging everyday, in an effort to keep fit. I haven't done any exercise since high school 5 or 6 years ago so we'll see how long I'm able to keep this up for!

I live in a neighbourhood which is quiet and mostly residential. It is made up of detached two-storey houses and a few parks. I have been observant of the different people I see during my jogs at different times of the day. I came up with a list stereotypes (not everyone falls into one of these categories!):

1. The girl in three-quarter leggings and a headband/sweatband

She can be anywhere from late teens to early 30’s. She wears navy or black three-quarter spandex leggings, a t-shirt or singlet, and has her hair tied back into a ponytail with a thick headband across her forehead. Occasionally, she’ll wear a sweatband and be listening to her ipod as she jogs at a moderate pace.

2. The broad-shouldered guy

This macho man thinks he is all that. He’s aged mid-20’s to late 40’s. Typically, he’s the sweating, panting guy in a white t-shirt and navy shorts who runs past you with a huge wave of overconfidence. He’s always listening to his ipod and looks like he loves to show off the white cords of his earphones as well as his endurance. As much as he loves to think he's fit, his attitude and looks are not so attractive.
3. The dog-walker

These people are dressed in baggy and thick clothes and sometimes a beanie. They wear long pants and a pullover, but match this warm outfit with thongs. Holding a leash with an overexcited dog on the end, these people stroll about in a casual and lazy manner. It’s as if they don’t want to be out but have been forced to because they have a dog.

4. The older couple

This couple can be anywhere from late 30’s to 80’s. They’re both dressed in matching and often inappropriate and unfashionable gear, for example both are in oversized windbreaker jackets or woollen jumpers. The tops don’t match the bottoms. When I say couple, I don’t mean necessarily husband and wife; sometimes its two older female friends, or even a mother and a son. This couple never jogs but prefers to stroll and chat, pointing out things they pass and staring at passers-by.

5. The older man

This person is an older version of the Broad-shouldered guy described above. He’s in his 50’s to 60’s, is balding or has thin grey hair. He’s wearing the same white t-shirt and dark coloured shorts, and still listening to his ipod. He’s still able to run at quite an impressive speed.

6. The men who hang around in their front yards

By this I mean the men who are standing or kneeling in their front yards looking busy. They are either hosing or scrubbing their four-wheel drives, trimming their prized plants in the front lawn, or collecting the mail. And there’s the proud but content man standing on his driveway with a grin on his face, body outstretched and hands on his hips, looking at nothing in particular. He’ll say hi to everyone who passes by.

7. The busy mum

In the afternoon I’ll see busy mums getting out of their cars parked in the garage, slamming their car doors and fiddling with schoolbags and door keys whilst trying to gain verbal control over a few kids who are running around shouting to each other, adding to the chaos.

8. The high school kid on his way home

He has a skinny frame, elongated by his grey slacks and fitted jumper worn on top of a collared shirt and tie. He carries an oversized school bag. He drags his feet slowly across the concrete, has his hands in his pockets and his head dipped down, looking as though he finds no excitement in anything in the imminent future.

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