Monday, October 4, 2010

Lucid dreams

Controlling the subject of your dreams is a surreal experience and unique ability. I have experienced this in the past and have been fascinated by this as I didn't think it was possible.

I lie in bed thinking about a particular subject, and when I fall asleep, my thoughts turn into a dream that is directly continuous from my thoughts (there are no breaks or disjointed parts from when it turns from thoughts into a dream). This happens maybe once every 2 months. When I wake up, I remember these dreams exactly as they occur. However, given the fact that humans dream every night, I have trouble remembering most my dreams.

The night before last night, I had brought my knitting on a holiday. I wrote down the pattern on a small piece of paper and packed it into my luggage, but when I started knitting that night, I was unable to find the piece of paper, having looked through all my luggage. That night in bed, I kept wondering where the piece of paper could be. Strangely enough, I had a dream of myself going through my handbag, and a particular plastic bag inside my large luggage bag. The dream ended when I found the piece of paper.

The next morning, I searched through the bags I had dreamt of. Surprisingly, I found the piece of paper! I must admit I was a little scared by my ability to dream of this and have it happen in real life, but nonetheless I was pleased I had found it.

This morning I was thinking of the perfect location for my wedding, piqued by a holiday magazine featuring tropical destinations for couples. I remembered a year ago when I was doing research on possible holiday destinations, I had come across a hotel site with a photo of the place I had envisaged to hold my reception at. All morning and afternoon, I wanted to find the photo. I searched various hotel sites across worldwide locations but to no avail. Immediately after, I had a nap. While I was waiting to fall asleep, I tried extremely hard to remember what site I had found the photo on. During my nap, I experienced myself on my laptop and going to a hotel site, seeing that the chain had 2 hotels in the Maldives, and looking at their pictures. My dream photo was not there. Then, I navigated to a particular hotel site and clicked on their list of worldwide hotel locations. A new screen opened with the cities, and I clicked on a particular city. Sure enough, viewing the photos on that page, I had found the photo I had been looking for.

I woke up immediately after and went to my laptop. I did everything in the latter part of my dream. The pages were exactly the same as what I had dreamt. I found my dream wedding reception on that page!! I was completely shocked. Although I was pleased in finding it, I was and still am scared and shocked at what I have done. How could I not only controlled the subject of my dreams, but used them to find what I couldn't find consciously? Also, how did I dream of the exact layout of the webpage that I had last viewed a year ago?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a bit scared of myself :S


  1. Wow.. it`s really unbelievable! I can control my dreams too... but only when I wake up in the middle of a dream and I try to sleep again. I happen to have episodic dreams too, like I dream something today and after a month I dream it all over again(and I know that) or I am continuing the actions and I remember what happened. But they never match with reality(even when I dream my house, it doesn`t look the same and sometimes it happens to persons too), they match with what I want to live. I don`t think you should be scared about this dreams because you are just remembering things... They would become scary only if you had predict bad things. Bye!

  2. wow, that is amazing! i've had experiences like that - most of my dreams do happen in real life. i guess you can call it deja vu to the next level. they are just little snippets of my dream, but they always happen in real life. my sisters always laugh whenever i say i've seen something happen in my dream. hmmm, i don't really know what it's called, but i don't think we should be scared of it.

    p.s. thanks for following my blog!

    <3, Mimi

  3. i'm so glad i bumped into your blog. i've actually been dreaming a lot. wait, i can't say they're dreams because they're more like nightmares. i really want to get rid of them but i don't know how. you think you can help?

    anyway, i think it's awesome how our brain works this way. i like how you found your piece of paper through the dream ^__^

  4. I am afraid I am quite a cynical type and could only offer a rational explanation to do with the sub-conscious and what not. But in spite of that, I think it does show the incredible power to achieve goals and accomplish things that we all have within us if we just concentrate and focus.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your kind comment - we knitters are a diverse and lovely bunch, I am sure you will discover many more bloggers who share your interests, I know there are quite a few of us out there, I love to think of us spread all across the world, knitting quietly.

  5. that is so cool! this has happened to me once or twice. it's really cool!

    one time, i had dream at night, and then my dream the next night was a continuation of my dream the other night! isn't that cool?!

    i am now your newest follower.


  6. Yes, dreams are strange things..I agree with you, Poshyarns - i believe dreams are a reflection of the subconscious state. The fact that dreams can be so powerful shows how complex the mind is, and that in our conscious state we can only remember a small portion of things we actually know.

    abby | yabba, i'm not sure that i can help too much on this. But from my experience, when I have nightmares I tend to be stressed about my day-to-day activities..perhaps you have too much to think about or too much going on? Or do you have irregular sleeping hours/patterns? Usually though, if you eat well, sleep well, have a content mind , you should be able to get a peaceful nights sleep.